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Facial Treatments


The key to optimal skin health is a skincare professional. By combining a customized at-home regimen with powerful in-office treatments and targeted skincare solutions, the result is healthier skin with visible improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging.

SkinCeuticals integrated skincare professional treatments are designed to prime skin, accelerate recovery, and maintain and enhance results.SkinCeuticals in office

SkinCeuticals Professional Protocols offer aestheticians tailored treatments to address specific skincare needs associated with clinical procedures.

Performed 3-15 days prior to procedures, Priming Treatments prepare skin by providing thorough exfoliation and initiating correction. Ideal for all laser procedures and medium or deep peels.

Performed 3-15 days after procedures, Recovery Treatments soothe and protect compromised skin to reduce sensitivity and speed re-epithelialization. Ideal for ablative laser procedures and medium or deep peels.

Maintain & Enhance
Performed 15+ days post procedure, Maintain & Enhance Treatments continue and complement the correction initiated by the medical procedure. Customized for every type of procedure.

Spyros Laser Medspa is pleased to offer a variety of facial treatments for the Coral Gables, Miami region. We specialize in skin treatments using only the most up to date technology in a calm, private, spa-like setting. Our facial treatments are the perfect way to bring out a more vibrant, enhanced and beautiful looking you. After one of your facial sessions, your skin will feel soft and supple and will glow with the refreshment of our specialty facial treatment.

We have a wide selection of different facial treatments including microdermabrasion, exfoliation and extraction. All of our services are performed in a clean, relaxing and calm environment. Our facials range in time and price depending on your preference. All of our services can be customized according to your skin’s specific needs and we are happy to offer this specialized service for our clients.

A Wide Selection of Facial Treatments

Our European facial treatment is customized according to your specific needs. It offers the benefits of cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. A European facial will leave you refreshed with a relaxing facial massage that is finished off with a customized mask. Our other facial treatments include customized chemical peel with facial, specialty facial treatments which include a deep cleanse and mini peel with microdermabrasion. We will sit and consult with you prior to your selection to ensure that you choose the facial that best matches your needs. As skilled skin treatment specialists we will attend to you with the utmost care and concern and your facial treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and radiant.

Come in today for a personalized consultation for help in selecting the facial treatment that best suits your needs. We are happy to service the entire Miami area and we greatly look forward to helping you achieve a happy, confident and more radiant you.

European Facial

Our customized facial is design according to your skin needs. All types will be benefit from this cleansing treatments, exfoliation, and extraction.

High frequency with suitable vial for correction of the skin. relaxing massage to face, neck and decollete, follow by a customized mask.


This is the ultimate facial, include a deep cleanse, and a e specific treatment is apply to your skin, it will leave your skin with a new radiance.

Vitamin C
Signature Cavior Facial
Acne Prone Teen Facial
Hyperpigmintation Treatment
Rosacea Special Treatment

Customized Chemical Peel with Facial

Salicilic (Pro-acne) 50 minutes
Dehydration ( Hyaloronic acid)/lactic 50 minutes
Vitamin C ( Sun Aged Damaged Skin) 50 Minutes
Retinal/Glygotic (Dark Spots) 50 minutes
Glygotic/ Peeling 30 minutes


You can enjoy the benefit of Microdermabration and Peels. This two are combined in a special treatment of 60 minutes, leaving your skin looking and feeling gorgeous.


You can enjoy the benefit of a facial and Peels. This two are combined in a special treatment of 60 minutes, leaving your skin looking and feeling gorgeous.


A diamond Microdermabrasion will be use for this treatment and a customized skin mask.

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